Mulching and Clearing

Mulching is one of the most important ways to clear vegetation, while maintaining a healthy landscape. Mulching eliminates the practice of clear felling and burning, largely eliminating carbon emissions made by these earlier methods.   By returning the mulch to the soil, this enriches the topsoil and retains valuable seeds of local flora that assist in rehabilitation at a later time. Mulching helps to create a soil structure that has added nutrients from the decayed vegetation, stabilizes the topsoil which helps to prevent erosion and creates a uniform levelling of vegetation where that is desirable.

Vegetation that can be mulched ranges from large species of hardwood to grasses and shrubs. Due to the design and operation of the equipment, areas can be broad acre mulched or specifically mulched. Items and areas of environmental or cultural significance can be easily maintained and protected.


AdMulch has operated in the earthmoving industry creating/repairing roads, drains, banks, batters, trenches, dams and in a variety of mining, industrial and civil applications.


Vegetation management in the agricultural industry ranges from Leucaena management to clearing vegetation for farming/grazing purposes or to eradicate unwanted vegetation from riparian zones.  Mulching reduces the remnant timber to a size that returns to the soil quickly.  Plantations can be thinned or maintained in a specific orderly manner.