AdMulch’s Services and Capabilities

AdMulch specialises in mulching and vegetation control that can be conducted in a selective manner, or as broadacre clearing. With either option, the vegetation can be mulched in position or removed from the ground in complete tree form. Vegetation mulched on and left on site helps to secure topsoil, prevent erosion, as well as helping to deter weed regrowth.

We have previous experience in areas that include, but are not limited to:

  • Seismic lines
  • Lease pads
  • Drill pads
  • Road and Access tracks
  • Pipeline clearing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Field service
  • Leucaena mulching
  • Firebreaks – Mulching and Clearing
  • Cleanup Operations (cyclone and flood debris etc)
  • Road and Roadside Clearing and Maintenance (overgrown and overhanging vegetation which creates safety issues)
  • Drainage Installation and Maintenance
  • Waterway clearing and maintenance
  • Powerlines – initial clearing and maintenance
  • Salvage Operations
  • Demolition
  • Civil, Mining and Industrial Earthworks
  • Road Transport


We have a variety of machinery in excellent condition that’ll suit your required job. We transport our own equipment and have our own escort/pilot if required. Our machinery includes:

Excavators – ranging from 8 to 30 tonne


  • Heavy duty muching heads
  • Ripper
  • Certified Rops/Fops Canopy
  • Hydraulic Thumb
  • Stick Rake
  • Log Grab and a Full Range of Buckets
  • Hammer and Augers

4WD 400hp high capacity broadacre mulching units

  • 4WD articulated, fully caged and belly guarded
  • 2.5m maxi forst SEPPI drum mulcher (capable of half a hectare per hectare depending on conditions)
  • Blade

6WD 500hp high capacity mulching units

  • 6WD articulated, ROPS/FOPS
  • 2.5m maxi forst SEPPI drum mulcher
  • Blade

History, Business Sectors & Location

We are a family based company with a rural and engineering background, who have researched and developed advanced vegetation management equipment and techniques. Most of our work has been in highly sensitive areas including Mining, National Parks, Telecommunications, Electrical and Energy fields, Government and Military, World Heritage areas. Ours bases are in The Tropical North, SE Qld and Central Qld. The health, wellbeing and safety of our people and the community is of paramount importance and we have consistently demonstrated environmental protection and quality.